Check out the Future Roadmap of E&R 2020​

Wide Range Equipment to design for best Semicon Processes 



In the coming future, E&R not only keep our key technology and experience in substrate level equipment, but also develop into Wafer Level equipment, providing wafer level laser, plasma solution to semiconductor market.

In 2020, E&R wish to enter more different industries and offer more possibility, make the life easier, fulfill more demands and dreams! 

鈦昇科技不僅維持我們在Substrate Level 設備的專業技術能力和經驗,同時也朝向晶圓等級的產品持續努力不懈的研發,提供市場不同的選擇。 

在2020年,E&R 期許自己不只限於半討體領域,更能跨足到不同產業,提供更多不同的可能,讓生活更簡單,滿足更多不同的需求!

Strategy in Wafer Laser Applications 


Back Side Scribing without Coating Material by using Femto Green

  •   Multiple Material in the same Cutting Street which Nano UV cannot perform
  •   New Material that Nano UV cannot perform but only Femto Green/UV like SiO2
  •   Hybrid Applications like Irregular Shape
  •   6/8” Wafer Back Side Scribing solutions