※ [Exhibition Notice] SEMICON TAIWAN 2019 - E&R Engineering Corp ※ 9/18 - 9/20

SEMICON TAIWAN 2019 - E&R Engineering Corp

【Femto Second Generation】

Femto second laser are a type of laser that discharges optical pulses in Femto seconds(10-15) , which belong to a class of ultrashort pulse lasers or ultrafast lasers. 

Femto Second Laser now used for Micromachining in microcutting, medical used and semiconductor industry.


⚛ E&R Engineering Corp leading the industries to use Femto Second Laser technology and unique optic technologies to groove variety materials

Successfully demonstrate outstanding and performance!


Sincerely invite you to visit E&R Booth #N1076 in SEMICON Taiwan, to understand more Femto Second laser technology using in Semiconductor industry, feeling the amazed of Femto Second Generation!


Exhibition: Nangang Exhibition Center Booth #N1076

Time: Sep. 18th ~ Sep. 20th 10AM – 17PM (9/20 end at 16PM) 

Topic: Femto Second Laser Technology, Wafer Grooving, Wafer Dicing, Wafer Cutting, Plasma Technology