• LM-502


E&R LM-502 Laser Marker Machine​

This system is designed to mark Strip Bare Leadframe by laser head, L/F  automatically loading and off-loading from either Slot Magazine Loader or LF Stack Loader. 

  • Two Stacking Elevators are built to feeding Strip into Runners both at Loader and Off-loader

  • A CCD vision is to recognized after marking station to recognize this Strip into MIS System.  Once abnormal is found, system will stop and alarm Operator to ensure every Strip’s Identification.  

  • A Slot MAGAZINE can be selected as an Optional for Loader and Off-loader. 

  • Mark-out function could be add as options, and share information with others E&R Marking Machine

Machine SPEC

Machine                     : L: 1000 W :1200 H: 1820mm

Work Area                  : L=180~300mm,W=40~100mm。

Laser Marking area    : 110X110mm

Marking Repeatedly   : ±100um。

WARPAGE                 : ≦2mm

UPM (Dry run)           : 20strip/min

MTBA                         : >120minutes

MTBF                         : >168hrs

Changing Time           : ≦10min

LM-502 come with high pixel 2D Reader, able to read the 2D code after plating even in small package

E&R Leadframe 2D Code marking sample

1.5*1.5mm with 13 Digital Characters 


Mark out function


E&R Automation Information via Mark-out Function Exchanging System 

2D Code (strip ID) could be mark at E&R LM502, defect data could be upload to user Data server and download to others E&R Laser Marking machine